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追求企業合理的利潤,支援公司的發展,以提供客戶、供應商更好的服務品質、價格、服務 是客戶購買產品的主要考慮因素,也是加菲國際產品提供的三項保證。加菲國際的產品零件都是嚴選自國內外精密加工大廠,並且經過專業工程師的嚴格把關及層層檢驗,以確保客戶能享有最好的產品品質。



Reasonable pursuit of corporate profits support the company's development,to provide better service customers, suppliersQuality, price, service is a major
consideration for customers to purchase products, Garfield's internationalproduct provides three guarantees.Part of the Garfield international products
are strictly selected from the group consisting of precision machiningmanufacturersat home and abroad, and the strictly professional engineers and layers of inspection,
to ensure that customers can enjoy the best quality of products.


1. 國內外汽機車改裝零件之整合型通路服務。
    Domestic and foreign cars and motorcycles modified parts integrated channel service.

2. 經銷及代理國內外知名汽機車改裝零件品牌產品之銷售及售後服務。
    Distribution and Acting well-known steam locomotive modified parts brand products sales and after-sales service.

3. 提供客製化產品零件開發及銷售。
    Provide customized product parts development and sales.